Introduction to the Logitech wireless touchpad and other wireless touchpads

A lot of people prefer to use a wireless touchpad instead of a mouse to operate the cursor on their computers, I guess many people prefer the touchpad as they’ve become used to it after using their laptop. The Windows users were confined to using the Apple Trackpad for a while, which doesn’t work quite so good. But recently Logitech has introduced the wireless touchpad. Here’s a nice video review.

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Logitech Wireless Touchpad with Multi-Touch Navigation (910-002345) (amazon link)

  • Great sleek and modern looks
  • Large area to work with
  • No keyboard


Would You Like To Find Out More About The Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad?

Input devices like the keyboard have come a long way, in the 90’s it was more about function, now it’s more about style, usability, connectivity and axillary keys that help with your day to day computing needs.

Before you buy a new keyboard or mouse read on.

There are many factors to consider when buying a keyboard, what would you use it mostly for? word preocessing, gaming? portable use? or maybe even as keyboards for use with HTPC or other media devices, certain keyboards even have light up keys, and super touch sensitive keys that limit finger movement and RSI.

3 of the highest rated wireless touchpads on Amazon


For industrial uses, computer users will require other functionality such as waterproof keys, hygienic keys and the link.

A breakthough in wireless technology means that users can now operate keyboards from a distance, this is great for people who want the freedom to move around while using the computer, and this is paticularly useful for home computers and entertainment devices, where owns can use the keyboard from anywhere in the living room.

Initially the technology was limited in that, it would only work from a couple of feet, however the norm now is to be able to use wireless keyboard from up to 10 metres away. And more importantly perfectly, without an lag or disconnection issues.

Depending on your preference it’s possible to get wireless touch pads with a variety of different layouts, for instance, you can have a track pad similar to laptop computer, or have a small trackball beside the keyboard, or simply have a just keyboard on it’s own. The norm is to have a trackpad, as it enables users to have a way to control the mouse courser without actually using a mouse [this would defeat the portability benefit from the wireless touch-pad somewhat.

Wireless keyboards can also be purchased with built in touchpads or trackballs. A touchpad is the device that replaces the mouse on a laptop, in fact most wireless keyboards with a built in touchpad or tracker pad look much like the layout of a laptop. The benefit of having a touchpad built into the keyboard is that it doesn’t have to be used on a desk and takes up less space if used on a desk.

What’s amazing is that the cost of these devices are very close to what regulars keyboards cost, so it’s competitively priced in order to be a real alternative to regular keyboards. However due to the nature of the way a wireless touch-pad works, it’s worth spending money on a premium model in order to make sure that you have a model that lasts a long time on it’s rechargeable battery.

A wireless keyboard with touchpad makes a great alternative to a wired keyboard and wired mouse. It saves space, cuts down on dangling wires and allows you the freedom to use the keyboard at a much greater distance from your computer.

Best remote for XMBC

If you use the XMBC player, the excellent and unmatched open source media player, you could be in the market to buy a cool remote for yuor device, there are tonnes of useful remotes available for your XBMC player. There are a wide variety of different remotes to choose from, some people prefer to use a full featured Qwerty keyboard based remote, others prefer to settle with a more TV friendly remote control. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Blackberry Style Mini Wireless Keyboard)

2.4GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad (amazon link)

  • Responsive keys and adequate touch pad area
  • Ugly design
  • Cheap and effective


Qwerty keyboard based remote (like the Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard)

2.4G 2.4GHz Wireless Rii Mini PC Keyboard Touchpad V2 Black (amazon link)

  • Full advantage of a full size keyboard but without the bulk
  • Can be used to completely set up the XBMC from scratch and use mouse cursor on screen.
  • Can be flipped to use as a normal remote with normal play, skip, pause buttons as well as d-pad for navigation
  • Compact and fits well in your hands
  • Can be a bit too “crowded” if you just want a remote to perform quick tasks


Entertainment remote

Logitech Harmony 700 Advanced Universal Remote – Universal remote control – infrared (amazon link)

  • Great all round remote with colour display
  • Can be programmed from XBMC, cable and TV
  • Harmony 700 is quite expensive, priced from $80-$100

Both of these remotes are high end and will serve you well. They’re high quality, buttons respond well, and both can work straight out of the box.

Whether you decide on a keyboard based remote (touchpad) or a entertainment remote will come down on the way you use yuor XBMC player, you should monitor your usage and find out exactly how often you actually use the Qwerty keys, if it’s a frequent occurrence for you, then you may prefer to use a keyboard. But typically, after setting up the box, it’s rare that people have to use a keyboard.